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With the support of the local municipality and the national government, the project has progressed relatively smoothly for years.

That is a marked contrast to similar efforts in other countries – most notably in the US where there have been efforts to create a deep repository in Nevada.

“We are pretty confident we have done our business right,” says Timo Aikas, a former executive with Posiva, the company behind the project.

Es un juego donde todo fue creado para generar una continua pulsión por el mar; para hacer que quienes lo habiten busquen y encuentren la salida, lleguen siempre a él con la mirada, lo atrapen.

If all goes well, sometime early in the next decade the first of what will be nearly 3,000 sealed copper canisters, each up to 17ft long and containing about two tons of spent reactor fuel from Finland’s nuclear power industry, will be lowered into a vertical borehole in a side tunnel about 1,400 feet underground.

As more canisters are buried, the holes and tunnels – up to 20 miles of them – will be packed with clay and eventually abandoned.

The fuel, which contains plutonium and other products of nuclear fission, will remain radioactive for tens of thousands of years – time enough for a new ice age and other epochal events.

But between the 2-inch-thick copper, the clay and the surrounding ancient granite, officials say, there should be no risk of contamination to future generations.

The Old Town area of Rauma, which lies in the southwestern Satakunta region, is a real historical gem, with well-preserved buildings and a medieval street layout.

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