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A Chi-square analysis of the proportion of arrests involving UOF (i.e.

UOF Incidents/Total Arrests) showed that there was an overall significant difference across all four years ( χ 0.05, two-tailed.) Moreover, of the two years under the new training system, the higher rate of arrests involving UOF in 2011 was also significantly lower than the smaller rate under the old system in 2009 (0.015 vs.

A death notice contains factual information about the deceased: name, date of death, surviving kin, and place of burial. An obituary contains narrative, biographical data about the deceased, who was someone of some kind of prominence. Today, a typical issue of the BECPL and BHM have the most comprehensive collections of Buffalo newspapers.

In pre-1930 newspapers, death notices and obituaries are usually found on the first or second page or the last or second-last page.Fire lanes shall not be less than 20 feet (six meters) of unobstructed width, able to withstand live loads of fire apparatus and have a minimum of 13 feet six inches (4.1 meters) of vertical clearance.

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