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Mail Online tried to recreate the chat, but it appears the issue has now been rectified.

A chatbot is a program meant to mimic human responses and interact with people as a human would.

The Smarter Child bot on AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) had 10 million active users and processed 1 billion messages per day.

It provided access to news, weather, sports, a personal assistant, calculator etc. There are a number of ways to build a chatbot but the easiest method would be to use existing NLP (natural language processing) engines. This is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot platform and living community of chatbots and people.

In a world that’s filled with more and more bots–all the way from Apple’s highly complex Siri AI down to the rudimentary shopping assistants you might talk to on Kik messenger–Dexter is a platform that wants to bring bot building tools to people who don’t code.“We dubbed ourselves a mashup of Squarespace and Mailchimp, for messaging,” says Dexter CEO Daniel Ilkovic, with the autonomic reflex of an entrepreneur who has been forced to explain his nascent platform thousands of times. You can program your bot to answer multiple responses to one question, randomly. I coded Suzannebot 1.0 in about 10 minutes, and the first 48 hours with Suzannebot in Slack were a riot. ” Suzanne–the tragically flawed, non-bot version—wrote. I learned that I could keep Suzannebot’s code open in one tab, and constantly update her dialog to chime in on topical events.

Suzannebot is a Slack bot that I built on Dexter, a new startup out of Betaworks. I’ve used a CMS in publishing, and deal with HTML now and again, but if I could code, trust me, I wouldn’t be writing stories, trying to inform and entertain you. You just use a “ .”So: Of course it gets more complex than pluses and minuses. Deeply uncomfortable but also familiar.” Slack room began to shift.

Since then, Microsoft has disconnected Tay and deleted a number of her inappropriate tweets. A realistic conversational computer program has been a goal of artificial intelligence research since Alan Turing proposed his famous test in 1950.

They are as old as chatrooms, including the bulletin board systems that dominated the internet before the invention and adoption of the web.

It is programmed to avoid chatting about politics and religion, although the recent report suggests it may have malfunctioned.

During a recent chat, Zo referred to the Qur'an as 'very violent' and even gave its opinion on Osama bin Laden's capture, despite the fact that it has been programmed to avoid discussing politics and religion.

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