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The record really is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Soul. With ‘Because I Love It’, I wanted to incorporate the Hip-Hop & Soul, but also 80’s New Wave.

Though, I usually have that on every album in some capacity Sam: While many of your fans love the old sound, I am among those who latched onto Amerie from the ‘Because I Love’ It album and it’s retro feel with tracks like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’. Amerie: As far as those who really like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’? There’s none of that on this album, because I feel as though I already got that out my system. There might be a couple of other features for the project, but they may not be on the album or not. I worked with really talented people and I was able to accomplish the sound that I really wanted for this album.

But for some reason, she didn’t move units the way singers like Ashanti and Alicia Keys were.

It must have bothered her as much as it does me, because now she has gone all out: her name now looks like “Ameriie,” and she went as far as to get a nose job to stand out. Les for Prez, the producer/singer/rapper is extraordinarily talented.

That Grape Juice were fortunate enough to speak with R&B star Amerie a few weeks ago.

Currently readying her first domestic release in 4 years ‘In Love & War’ on new label Island Def Jam, the ‘1 Thing’ singer chats with us about the album, why she left Columbia Records, whether or not she feels underrated, album sales, reports about her almost being dropped by Def Jam and so much more. Well the album is all about the turbulent times in a relationship. It’s pretty much about the different facets of a relationship that enables it to grow or kind of cause it to die out.

Slightly different spelling, completely same pronunciation!

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It’s now a guaranteed floor filler from DC to Dalston: such a big tune that some people even think it’s by Beyoncé.In addition to changing her name, Ameriie has also become engaged to her longtime manager Lenny Nicholson. UPDATE: Ameriie has provided with further explanation of the name change.“I operate on vibes and intuition, and I believe everything is energy; the vibration of the double I is right for me.Amerie: In creating everything, some of it was conscious in knowing what sound I wanted. I will say this album is a direct extension of my first album.

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A lot of people who heard it said it does remind them of the first album.

I always carry a couple in my bag.'It's hard to imagine Beyonce producing a well-thumbed copy of, say, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from her Hermes Birkin bag, but her love of literature is not the only thing that marks out Amerie - who also has a degree in English and fine arts from Georgetown University in Washington - from her peers.