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I’m one of those girls who find musicians sexy as a general rule, but these five are the cream of the crop. Murph’s a lyricist who actually understands the English language and has an extensive vocabulary, something us Sparklers can definitely appreciate. Angus Stone: The male side of the indie-folk band Angus and Julia Stone, this guy rocks the bohemian-hobo look, from his scruffy beard to his hipster tank top. Scott’s a funny, sweet, and he seems pretty faithful, if you’re the girl he wants (we’ll just forget the whole Knives thing)—he’ll even defeat your seven deadly exes for you. If you're not familiar with her music, I definitely recommend Mouthwash.

Matthew Murphy (aka Murph): As the lead singer and guitarist for English indie band The Wombats, not only is he sexy (see the video for Techno Fan), but he also writes amazing songs. Scott Pilgrim: I know Scott’s not a real person, but I just have a thing for cute freeloaders who play bass. Her lyrics are quirky, her music’s fun and catchy, and she’s an amazing person.

Born on this day in 1984, he’s best known for his role as Jett Jackson, in the Disney channel series with same name as title and also as Chris Comer in Friday Night Lights.

Young lived up to his name when he died in 2013, at the age of twenty-nine.

And I know this post kind of revolves around sexy musicians, and as a heterosexual girl, you’d think they’d all be men. She’s not squeaky clean, and it means that she doesn’t come across as fake.

She’s so quirky and original, and she’s a really good role model.

There is actually a German expression for this type of guy: cake man wariness: If the handsome blond Aryans who appeared on Nazi recruiting posters were to walk down the streets of modern-day Berlin or Mnich, they would be recognized immediately for what they were: homosexuals.

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IT'S GONNA BE SO GREAT It's funny, because I heard about the fact that the trend in Germany is to look gayl, and then I saw a video of this band that Bella is into. Sexual compatability is important I guess but it's only a relatively short portion of the relationship. You're wondering who I am Machine or mannequin My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM I've come to help you with your problems so we can be free I am the moldren man Domo ari GATO, Mr. Obviously, I don’t get a lot of scripts where I’m a drug addict. “At the same time, when I think about films that I want to do, they’re not all comedies.That being the case, German women sometimes feel Kuchen Mann Vorsicht (cake man wariness), the apprehension that the handsome fellow on the opposite side of the caf table is more interested in the waiter than he is in his date.

It's funny, because I heard about the fact that the trend in Germany is to look gayl, and then I saw a video of this band that Bella is into. Do something funny.’ People expect that,” Wiig says. I’m definitely a silly person around people that I know very well, but I’m not the kind of person who shushes everybody in the room to tell a story. Certain people are engaging and they do voices and you’re hanging on every word even though they’re not really saying much. “When they were writing the script they were like, ‘Let’s go fucking balls out.’” Wiig says. It’s so good.” After that, she intends to focus on the creator Paul Feig.