Blackberry contacts not updating wirelessly advice on dating someone younger

21-Jan-2018 11:48

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In some cases, the entries are dimmed because the database to be backed up or restored is being backed up wirelessly through a Black Berry Enterprise Server.

In this case, the Desktop [SYNC] service book marks the databases as read-only, preventing the data from being backed up or restored using a cable and Black Berry Desktop Software.

Note: Before you start, it'd be a good idea to do a one-time backup of your Black Berry's existing contacts before you sync them with your Google contacts.

Though it shouldn't happen, you might run into issues and have to restore that original backup. If you want your computer's non-Gmail contacts to sync as well, just make sure to periodically sync your phone with Desktop Manager so that those contacts are synced to the Black Berry, which is turn is saved to your Gmail account.

When you add a new appointment to your Black Berry calendar, it will automatically appear on your home computer when you access Google Calendar from the web.

Same with contacts: Add a new contact from your work computer through your Gmail address book, and it will automatically appear in your Black Berry contacts list. » How to Enable Google Contact Synchronization » Note: Two-way wireless contact synchronization with the Google Mail contact list requires Black Berry Device Software 5.0.

If you use a device running Black Berry OS 10 and need to figure out how to sync your contacts and calendar, you’ve come to the right place.

These steps will lead you through the whole process, from downloading Outlook Hotmail Connector to performing your first sync.

Once set up, you get one up-to-date personal email account, one contact list, and one calendar accessible from virtually any web-connected location and device.The option would be to delete the Desktop [SYNC] service book and then perform the backup or restore of the selected databases from the Black Berry Desktop Software.

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