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22-Nov-2017 14:39

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Tom Karrow, a doctoral candidate at the University of Waterloo and a Research Fellow at the University of the Bahamas, has been interviewing fishing guides on Bimini, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Exuma and Andros as part of a BTT project to record their knowledge and incorporate it into future conservation strategies.Specifically, BTT is seeking to document the history of the industry, assess the sustainability of the tourism sector, examine fisheries population dynamics and inventory critical habitats.

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Thus far, Karrow has completed nearly 80 formal interviews with guides, some of whom were born as early as the 1930s, and shares below what we’re learning along the way: Why is this study important?

I want to hear somebody else sometimes.” So I read him what I called the 151st Psalm at the time.

’ I said I wrote a psalm that poses serious questions, and I leave them to ponder those questions. King, you’re the spokesman, people want to hear you talk.” He said: “I’m tired of listening to myself. I met [British prime minister] Margaret Thatcher twice, the queen twice and Muhammad Ali twice. You have to stalk them like you do a deer because they’re frightened of noises.”She said, “Oh, I’d love to come back and catch me a sailfish.” I said to myself, Who’s talking about sailfish?

There’s nothing else out there but the splash of a bonefish tail. The one I build for people normally has a console up front, but I don’t want that [in mine] because I pole up here.

I remember one time, bonefish was so thick over the flats that we averaged over a hundred a week, fishing every day. To see the sun rise out there, sometimes it’s so quiet your ears start to ring. Suddenly, the fish surges forward, its dorsal and pectoral fins flare, and with a small splash, it pins the fly to the bottom. From the platform, you hear, “Long strip, long strip!

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