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The urban area has absorbed parts of many local outlying areas including Warfield, Winkfield and Binfield, and is itself, along with Binfield, a component of the Greater London Urban Area as defined by the ONS.The name Bracknell is first recorded in a Winkfield Boundary Charter of AD 942 as Braccan heal, and may mean "Nook of land belonging to a man called Bracca", from the Old English Braccan (genitive singular of a personal name) heal, healh (a corner, nook or secret place).An early form of the town's name, Brakenhale, still survives as the name of one of its schools.The town covers all of the old village of Easthampstead (though not all of the old parish) and the hamlet of Ramslade. Easthampstead Park was a favoured royal hunting lodge in Windsor Forest and Catherine of Aragon was banished there until her divorce was finalised.I am really keen on developing a friendship with females, but I would write to males as well.I have an interest in Japanese entertainment culture, which include anime (Japanese animation), the bands and music artists that sung songs in anime, etc. I am also interested in video games with genres like fantasy, RPG, adventure, strategy, etc.An upmarket and very successful dating agency for professional men and women in Berkshire, Attractive Partners is a leading personal introductions agency in this county.We have an extensive client list of men and women living in Berkshire who come from a range of professional and business backgrounds and who are genuinely looking for a like-minded partner.

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Well hope you've read this far I just want a friend really but I could settle for Batman I'd be especially interested in anyone around my age with similar interests, but I would be happy to write to someone further afield.

Bracknell is a town and civil parish in the Borough of Bracknell Forest in Berkshire, England.