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Disclaimer: If I owned Starkid, They would not be in LA and Chicago... Meredith Stepien logged onto Twitter for the first time in a few days. She walked out into the hallway and promptly tripped over something on her way to the kitchen.

Nannying had kept her so busy that she hadn't had time for fans for a couple days. Eventually we were going to have to tell them.""I know.

— and the real cast, but they also picked out who’s the hottest member. And Darren has a more modern pop sensibility to his songs. But when that moment is possible, we’ll jump on it.

They each bring a nice balance of songwriting styles to the table, so Star Kid can’t really be placed in a certain category.

Joseph: We spent too long trying to come up with acronyms like PUMICE or FART and ended up wasting a week. The word “precarious” is humorously used because it seems to describe our group’s process really well.

Joey: The acronym actually stands for the Star Kid Precarious Auditory Concert Experience.

Darren and Evanna are both not singing on the album. I have no idea and frankly, if they do, that’s their business and their decision. ”That’s their private life and that’s the way that it should stay-private. Is there a download link for the Apocalyptour or SPACE Tour DVDs?

Their parts were sung by the amazing Clark Baxtresser and Britney Coleman, respectively. Team Star Kid started with the Potter musicals, but it has grown into so much more than just the Potter shows and just because AVPSY has been performed and is coming out doesn’t mean that this is the end of those crazy kids. Joey Richter and (I think) Brian Holden are both Catholic. Dylan Saunders, Ali Gordon, Brian Rosenthal, Corey Lubowich, Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, Nick Strauss, Arielle Goldman and Lily Marks. That’s the name for the house in Chicago that Joe Walker, Matt Lang and Nick Lang live in. We don’t talk about who is dating who because it’s not the fandom’s business who the Star Kids choose to date. Don’t know don’t care.____ download link doesn’t work, why? Computer magic changed the contents of the link when we got it. Not that I’ve seen and for the reasons cited in the above question, I don’t think I’d post it if I saw one.

But if we just to compare style amongst all of you, who has the best fashion sense?

Teen: Darren Criss and Charlene Kaye are joining you on some of your tour dates. Joey: George Watsky will be joining us in Silver Spring. And the Gregory Brothers will be joining us for our final show in New York at the Gramercy! What I say is that the arrangements have been redone by our fearless music director “Cool” Clark Baxtresser, who has breathed new life into some familiar favorites. Teen: Star Kids already want to know if you’re planning tour after this one… In fact, we’re all gonna hook up at a party tonight. Teen: A bunch of Team Star Kid fans discovered our site after we (foolishly) compared Darren in a gray tee to Justin Bieber in a gray tee. Joseph: I personally think I do, but that’s why I wear what I wear and not what other people wear.

The first thing she noticed was the unusually large amounts of tweets for her.

The first one was: There were several similar ones. Meredith and Brian had been dating for about a year now but, had been careful around fans, well maybe not to careful.

Star Kid will always be there to welcome you home :)Who is Charlene Kaye? She is a friend of Starkid’s and we refer to her as an Honorary Starkid. She left for her own reasons and we (the fandom) don’t need to know why. Your best chance to give them things is to wait until they have another event where you can meet them face to face to give them the present (aka tour/in person event like Leaky Con or Ascendio or Ring Con/do another show like Starship or HMB). If you are a tech person (I am not that advanced) and know what’s wrong with it, please contact us in our inbox to help fix the problem.

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