Cisco ios updating dns

04-Sep-2017 21:18

It looks like we get both forward and reverse lookups when we turn on "ip domain-lookup".Is there a way to turn off reverse lookups and leave forward lookups on?Open DNS provide another service called dns-o-matic, which does support HTTP updating, but i am having a strange problem.When my router calls the dns-o-matic update URL, i get an Open DNS page not found response.I have a Cisco 857 router which I am trying to configure Open DNS on.DDNS over https is a bit awkward on this router as it doesn't easily support HTTPS, so directly updating Open DNS isn't a good [email protected] Dib, DNS is controlled by another group and they refuse to keep reverse records updated correctly.It's an issue in our company that nobody in IT management wants to address because the person who controls DNS has too many political connections in the company, and he is very vindictive.

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It can also be used in private networks as well and is heavily used in many private organizational networks.