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Garantir-lhe um ambiente de fácil utilização, seguro e de qualidade, para que os seus encontros sejam agradáveis, é a prioridade do Meetic.

Para tal, o Meetic compromete-se consigo na respetiva Carta de Confiança através de 5 pontos. O Meetic é um site pago, o que nos permite empregar mais de uma centena de pessoas encarregadas pela vigilância e pelo controlo do nosso site e por identificar os nossos assinantes em caso de problemas de comportamento.

With a healthy lifestyle and the right medical care, many HIV-positive people are living long, productive lives. After finding out you have HIV, fear about the future may make it hard for you to take action.

Still, learning that you are HIV-positive may leave you reeling. But once you know you're HIV-positive, see a doctor with experience in HIV and AIDS as soon as you can. Your AIDS doctor will run tests to see how well your immune system is working, how fast the HIV is progressing, and how healthy your body is overall.

If you've just found out you're HIV-positive, you may feel overwhelmed, fearful, and alone. Countless people and resources are available to help you and the more than 1 million HIV-positive people living in the U. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

It may help to remember that being HIV-positive is not the virtual death sentence it once was.

The primary goal of the #bethegeneration campaign is to reduce the number of new cases of HIV in San Diego to zero by 2024. For more information in English or Spanish, call 619.692.2077 x220.

The first Tuesday of the month from 9-am, visit The Center’s parking lot for a “one-stop-shop.” Receive emergency fresh food, pre-screen for food stamps and sign up for a range of other services, including employment and medical as well as low-cost utility programs. For general assistance, individual counseling, support groups and information in English or Spanish, please call 619.692.2077 x116.

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HIV drugs can often slow or prevent the progression of HIV to AIDS.But being HIV-positive does not necessarily mean that you already have AIDS.

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