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13-Sep-2017 14:38

According to those in the know, they are not particularly valuable in the collectors’ market (which is why you see so many of them, and so few #1′s).

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**__________________________________**__________________________________** Stanley 27 type 9 (1888-1890) This is one of the most common size of the Stanley Transitional line.They were meant for those who thought the wood on wood had a better feel than the metal on wood, but still wanted the adjustment mechanisms known on the metallic counterparts.The Stanley Transitional planes, combining a wooden body with a cast iron frame, frog and standard adjustment mechanism, were made between 18. It has the external frog adjuster and large brass adjuster wheel. This #8 C jointer plane is a type 9 dating from 1902 - 1908. The overall condition is very nice and this plane will make for a great user.

A nice example and one of the harder to find transitional planes. The one apology is the small hang hole and that is reflected in the price. The Rosewood handle is from the proper era and nice.

The metal parts were coated with light surface rust, but cleaned up nicely.