Dating while legally separated md

09-Aug-2017 13:13

Is there a way to buy a home now where my wife can’t claim partial ownership in it? Though Delaware is not a community property state like California or Texas, where it might be even more of a challenge to keep such a house purchase separate from the marital estate, Delaware doesn’t recognize legal separation, at least technically.

There are, however, alternative legal agreements there that will allow you to formalize your separation terms, some of them do-it-yourself forms that I wouldn’t recommend in your circumstances.

While that may seem draconian, it is certainly advisable in circumstances where custody and access issues have not been resolved.

However, the most important precaution if you are dating is to never do anything sexually inappropriate in front of the children, never speak ill of the other parent to the paramour in front of the children or allow the paramour to do so.

These factors can be used as circumstantial evidence with other proof, such as an all-night stay at the lover's house.

Proving the ex-spouse committed adultery becomes difficult once the spouse is no longer living in the marital house.

Virginia courts require sexual intercourse to prove adultery.

Emotional outpourings are not sufficient to prove adultery.

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If there are no children and a valid agreement, then the separation period may be reduced to six months instead of one year.

Couples may file for legal separation independently, with legal advice or by using resources available from online legal documentation providers.

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