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It is requiring e Harmony to actually provide new services that it claims neither an interest nor any degree of expertise in, and which may require an outlay of millions of dollars.

Let’s not even get into the moral preferences of the owners and management, which are presumed irrelevant by laws which outlaw discrimination against homosexuals or, in this case, may mandate the provision of special services to them.

Ronald Coleman of Likelihood of Success points out that the claim being made by the plaintiffs is not a traditional discrimination claim; the plaintiff is not claiming that e Harmony refused to accept her as a customer.

Rather, her complaint is that the site simply doesn’t provide services that same sex couples want: The plaintiffs here are actually arguing that e Harmony is obligated not just to open up its existing service to people of all sexual predilections.

The crucial difference is that they can be degraded back into carbon dioxide and sugar using the enzymes found in soil bacteria.

The new BPA-free plastic could potentially replace current polycarbonates in items such as baby bottles and food containers, and since the plastic is bio-compatible, it could also be used for medical implants or as scaffolds for growing tissues or organs for transplant.

In vitro, SAS used N-acetylmannosamine 6-phosphate and mannose-6-phosphate as substrates to generate phosphorylated forms of Neu5Ac and KDN, respectively; however, it exhibited much higher activity toward the Neu5Ac phosphate product.

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Some biodegradable plastics could in the future be made using sugar and carbon dioxide, replacing unsustainable plastics made from crude oil, following research by scientists from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath.

Die beiden haben in dieser Auflage Kapitel inhaltlich neu gestaltet, für die infolge der methodischen und technologischen Entwicklungen eine Aktualisierung erforderlich war.