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In the window -- a MANNEQUIN is wearing -- the best of everything. Her finger moves along a series of DESIGNER shoe boxes... A PRETTY TWENTY-SOMETHING girl looks in at the display: dreaming of the day. O.) Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two "L's": labels and love. 5TH AVENUE/TIFFANY -- DAY -- SUMMER 1 Four TWENTY-SOMETHING WOMEN walk away from us -- arms linked LAUGHING -- They make their way down the busy street -- shopping bags and designer purses swinging.

JUMP CUT TO: Carrie, Charlotte and MIRANDA walk along talking. O.) Year after year, my single girlfriends were my salvation.

LEECH LAKE WOMEN'S CORRECTIONAL HOSPITAL - DAY ANITA "NEEDY" LESNICKI, 17, sits on her hospital bed in pajamas. She glances sadly at a PHOTO OF A BOY on her dresser. (CONT'D) Occasionally I get presents from starfuckers who saw my picture in the paper and want to marry me or something.

She's a plain-faced girl with a haunted expression. Needy stands up and begins changing into an institutional gym uniform. Sometimes the letters are from people who say they're praying for me. She touches the frame wistfully, her eyes full of remorse.

I am searching a friend who are are open minded like me understand my Felling.

Hi Girls/house wife , I'm 25 young gud luking solid man Seeking a mature woman and girl who can accommodate and has the hunger for a younger fitter harder rock solid man to satisfy her sexual needs without any drama or … I m simple and loving person that's why I m searching those women's feal not pleasure with her hubby or boyfriend and she wants secret and safe relationship. (CONT'D) Like I'd really date some perverted Chester with a hard-on for jailbait. We see a morbid "hall of fame" of creepy photos sent in from guys. In the background, a few sulking patients jump rope.