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While long-term compatibility depends a lot on factors like status and life history, what causes the sparks to fly, or not, during that first conversation is how well your personality types match up.

Maybe that doesn't sound terribly scientific—but Fisher begs to differ.

Some people have sex with someone new and then fall in love. Some feel a deep feeling of attachment to another, which then turns into romance and the sex drive.

But the sex drive evolved to initiate mating with a range of partners; romantic love evolved to focus one's mating energy on one partner at a time; and attachment evolved to enable us to form a pair bond and rear young together as a team.

The human brain works in a pretty specific way, and a lot of those ways haven’t changed over the years. While this may not the most romantic era of human history, the endorphin rush is the same as it was when Shakespeare was ushering in the most epic love story of all time. Fisher points out that to find love, you usually have to kiss a lot of frogs – online dating just lessens the amount of those unfavorable encounters - in theory anyway.

Biological anthropologist and author of The Anatomy of Love Helen Fisher assures us that nothing about the feelings or practices of love has been changed by online dating. Dating algorithms and increased technology allow for online daters to do amazing things – assess their dates to see what they might be like, check out their core beliefs before it’s too late, and even check for past criminal activity.

The Builder, with high serotonin activity, is cautious, conventional, managerial.

The Director, pumped up with testosterone, is aggressive, single-minded, analytical.

“The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship,” she says.

She has written six books on the evolution, biology, and psychology of human sexuality, monogamy, adultery and divorce, gender differences in the brain, the neural chemistry of romantic love and attachment, human biologically-based personality styles, why we fall in love with one person rather than another, hooking up, friends with benefits, living together and other current trends, and the future of relationships — what she calls: slow love.

biological anthropologist, is a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, and a Member of the Center For Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University.

, a group of women seek justice in the case of six girls who were allegedly raped by their principal.", "sponsored": false, "author_credit": "POV", "title": "The Chinese Activists Fighting for Sexual Abuse Accountability", "url": "/video/index/504353/hooligan-sparrow/", "series": "Editors' Picks", "image": "https://cdn.theatlantic.com/assets/media/video/img/2016/10/Hooligan_Sparrow_Still_0/video-river.jpg", "id": 504353 }, ]" itemscope itemtype=" Object" As internet dating and hook-up apps proliferate, some people fear that technology is changing love and marriage.

In this interview filmed at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival, the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher puts those anxieties to rest.

is an American anthropologist, human behavior researcher, and self-help author.

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