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28-Sep-2017 14:23

It's interesting -- the Toms are best buds and tossed out the idea of opening a joint with Lisa last season called Tom & Tom ...and it looks like she's making their dream come true.We're told Lisa's still working on a possible deal with Sandoval and Schwartz regarding ownership and management.A cast member since season three, Tamra Judge finds herself at a major crossroads in her decade long friendship with Vicki as she enters season 12.Our sources say the plan is to open the new restaurant in November ...right around the same time the new season of 'VR' debuts.

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This is Jeana's fifth and final season on the series.

for Season 12 and in a new interview, the mother of three is revealing the reason behind her decision to give reality television another go-around.

After leaving the Bravo reality series after filming the eighth season years ago, Lydia Mc Laughlin is now a mother of three and hoping that her second season on the show will be more fun than her first.

It’s one thing for her to lash out against her fellow co-stars, but when she started slamming Bravo on social media she crossed a line, and they haven’t forgotten about it.

We spoke to an RHOC insider who insists that Tamra’s job is on the line, whether she knows it or not.

Filled with anger and resentment from last season's accusations in Ireland, Tamra struggles to find forgiveness with Vicki and Kelly.

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