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If your device contains a large number of files, the process can take from several minutes to an hour.

If you don't have the App Store on your Mac, get updates by choosing Software Update from the Apple () menu.Let the device complete the update, restore, or erase process. The amount of time depends on the number of files on the device and whether you're erasing, updating, or upgrading your i OS.This process can take as little as a minute if your device has little or no data or if you're erasing the device.During a wireless update, you might see a message that says the update can't be installed because it needs more space than you have on your device.

If you see this message, there are a few ways you can update your device: If there isn't enough space to download and install an update, i OS 9 tries to make more space.

But in some cases, it's necessary to manually delete some content.