Inserting updating and deleting data to mysql through php Chat porn malay

30-Sep-2017 20:03

(Anyone with PHP knowledge is welcome to comment on the code.

Do realize that it is intended for beginners, so I didn't want to do anything too advanced that might lead to confusion. It's a basic system that allows you to: -- view existing records -- edit existing records -- delete existing records -- add new records Online demo: just imagine that you are in charge of a sports team, and you want to keep a list of all your player's contact information.

Then it calls method mysqli_query to run the query.

Then it calls method mysqli_close to close the connection.

This is a revised version of my previous tutorial ( which uses My SQLi rather than regular My SQL to connect to the database.

My SQLi, often called My SQL Improved, has several advantages over regular My SQL, including support for prepared statements (which helps prevent SQL injection, a common security issue) and object-oriented code.

Second button is to display the value when user click on show button all information will display and with all rows a delete and edit link also displayed.

inserting updating and deleting data to mysql through php-19

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If we click on the delete button, the entries can be deleted To change any field we click on the edit button In the given example: User enters the value inside the field, and click on Insert is stored inside the database table.

CREATE DATABASE `dbmultiple` ; CREATE TABLE `dbmultiple`.`users` ( `id` INT( 5 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY , `first_name` VARCHAR( 25 ) NOT NULL , `last_name` VARCHAR( 35 ) NOT NULL ) ENGINE = MYISAM ; this is main index page which displays all the records from "users" table along with checkbox for each record, and by selecting the multiple checkbox user can update or delete the selected multiple records.

contains simple HTML form which let's you to enter number of records to input, ex 1 ,2 ,4, and accepts only two digit number, after inputting the number it will redirects you to "add-data.php" which will create multiple input tags to insert the data.

It's available in the Killer Sites University ( subscription required) under PHP PHP CRUD Videos.---(Anyone with PHP knowledge is welcome to comment on the code.

If there are issues I haven't noticed, please let me know.

delete_this is simple script to delete multiple records as above update or insert this delete query will also execute in "for()" loop, and the rest script in this file is for alerting the user.

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