Is adam lambert still dating drake labry

11-Aug-2017 00:20

Magazine, September Cover of Attitude Magazine, October Cover of Glamoholic Magazine​, November Xiang Sun, The Bund Magazine, Shanghai, November Spectrum (The Sydney Morning Herald) - January, INROCK, March 2016 (out Feb 15 in Japan) Macy’s Iconic “American Icons” Campaign, May Cover of Winq Magazine, May Magazine, Tel Aviv, September Cover of Seven Days magazine 24-30 September (Australia) Joseph Sinclair photoshoot, September 2016More images here: Flaunt Magazine, May Adam Lambert Delivers Stunning Track For ’2012′ August 24th, 2009Adam Lambert posing in a photoshoot by Robert Segree Why Does Every Woman in America Want to Sleep with the American Idol? There were lacy, flowery bras and perky, polka-dotted bras, and the one that's currently dangling directly over Adam Lambert's head—a spongy E–cup on which some ardent fan has scrawled the initials A. The groupies also hurled riding crops, feather boas, handcuffs, panties; it looks a little bit like a grenade went off in Frederick's of Hollywood. It shouldn't matter what a person's sexual preference is—it doesn't change their appeal."In the end, Americans of every persuasion proved defenseless against Lambert's vigorous pelvic exertions. I just shopped for a jacket and forgot to activate my new credit card.By NANCY JO SALESPhotographs by ALEXEI HAYT-Shirt by Gucci. That was the second night of the American Idols Live Tour. "I've heard about Tom Jones and panties," says Lambert, who has come down to survey the haul. "To the showman in Lambert, a six–foot–one Pan of a man with deep–set blue eyes and a shock of jet–black–and–blue emo–style hair, it's all part of the spectacle. Clearly there's something significant about it, because there aren't a lot of openly gay men in the entertainment industry."It's a testament to the sheer mainstream power of American Idol that a gay man with an unabashed affection for eyeliner and nail polish has emerged from this year's competition as a new American sex symbol. "When I'm onstage," he says, "there's definitely a sexual energy that goes into it." Indeed, he gyrated his way through performances like Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" with a libidinous abandon that's rarely seen on prime-time network television. When I tried to charge it, they said, “It didn’t go through.” Everyone looked at me. I realized the tabloids will probably say that I’m a diva, I hate dogs, I have no credit and I’ve already burned through all my money. Giving up some of my privacy to get what I have now?He needs to focus on his career right now,” a friend of Lambert’s told People.Meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly the two remain friendly despite the split.“They’re still friends, and it’s totally mutual,” the source noted."They go, 'Jesus loves you, too.' One time I just blurted out, 'I'm Jewish, okay? Some say the 27–year–old even upstaged Kiss during their Idol visit, outshining them with his soaring rock–tenor vocals and Bowie–lite stage presence.

In US only, 863,000 copies of the album were sold and got the certification of “Gold.” In 2006, Lambert debuted with musical film The Ten Commandments: The Musical for his role as Joshua.“They will still talk and see each other.”Lambert, 26, officially came out in June in a cover story for Rolling Stone.“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” he said at the time.