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Just the other night someone was telling me, with a wistful tone, that they ought to do another version of "Emmanuelle," everyone's favorite soft-porn fantasy. The people who made the original "Emmanuelle" did the first two sequels, and there were three dozen rip-offs by other filmmakers.

But nobody ever quite recaptured the charm and the eroticism of that original film. Just Jaeckin, the director, and Sylvia Krlstel, the star, are back with "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which has been shot with great care and dedication and no end of soft-focus filters and glistening lips--but, alas, it just doesn't work.

Jed Mercurio, who has directed and written this latest BBC version, doesn't view it as a pornographic tale so anyone expecting frequent steamy trysts between Lady Chatterley and Mellors will be sorely disappointed.

-The new BBC adaptation is very tame and has no nudity.-Richard Madden wanted to act in a "love story" and not something "raunchy and crude".-"It's not like we've glorified any of those shots [where he was shirtless] you know, covered in sweat in the sunshine. It's not that sexy."source Well now I know not to stream it on i Player!

Confined to a wheelchair and unable to make love, Chatterley becomes more distant and his wife eventually embarks on a torrid affair with Mellors, despite their difference in class.

The good-looking cast coupled with the Lawrence's racy source material soon sparked press speculation about the sex scenes: just how far would the BBC go?

Yet, in a play that emphasises her sense of romantic love and shows her trying to find her 'place' in the world, her feelings about the possibility of pregnancy or motherhood are never really explored.

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If only we could return to the good old days of The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders tbh. Constance Chatterley (Marina Hands) is a lovely woman in her mid twenties who is married to Sir Clifford Chatterley (Hippolyte Girardot), a wealthy British nobleman many years her senior who is paralyzed from the waist down due to an injury sustained during World War I. Lawrence's once-scandalous tale of a married woman who finds herself through an affair with another man is brought to the screen in this adaptation directed by Pascale Ferran.Lady Chatterley was adapted from Lady Chatterley et l'Homme des Bois, the second of three versions Lawrence would publish of his best-known novel (it was published in English as John Thomas and Lady Jane).

BBC One's latest adaptation of racy DH Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley's Lover stars Holliday Grainger in the title role, but the 27-year-old is not impressed by its reputation and does not "see what all the fuss is about".What this play gets really right is the emotion of the relationships and the real sense of Lady Chatterley's struggle to stay loyal to her husband whilst also falling in love with another man.