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wind speeds 207-260 mph) tornado 4.5 miles away from the Ridgeland city center killed 2 people and injured 21 people and caused million in damages. wind speeds 261-318 mph) tornado 29.8 miles away from the city center killed 58 people and injured 518 people and caused between ,000,000 and ,000,000 in damages. Major Disasters (Presidential) Declared: 14Emergencies Declared: 2Causes of natural disasters: Storms: 10, Tornadoes: 10, Floods: 8, Hurricanes: 4, Drought: 1, Freeze: 1, Tropical Storm: 1 (Note: Some incidents may be assigned to more than one category). Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. On 10/24/1997 at , a magnitude 4.9 (4.8 MB, 4.2 MS, 4.9 LG, Depth: 6.2 mi, Class: Light, Intensity: IV - V) earthquake occurred 190.2 miles away from the city center On 1/18/1999 at , a magnitude 4.8 (4.8 MB, 4.0 LG, Depth: 0.6 mi) earthquake occurred 180.1 miles away from Ridgeland center On 3/25/1976 at , a magnitude 5.0 (4.9 MB, 5.0 LG, Class: Moderate, Intensity: VI - VII) earthquake occurred 222.9 miles away from the city center On 11/7/2004 at , a magnitude 4.4 (4.4 MB, 4.3 MW, 4.0 LG, Depth: 3.1 mi) earthquake occurred 128.8 miles away from the city center On 6/24/1975 at , a magnitude 4.5 (4.5 MB) earthquake occurred 160.1 miles away from Ridgeland center On 2/10/2006 at , a magnitude 5.3 (4.2 MB, 5.3 MS, Depth: 3.1 mi) earthquake occurred 317.6 miles away from the city center The number of natural disasters in Madison County (16) is greater than the US average (13). Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study. Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000. Visitors have access to restrooms with running water, water fountains and a quaint wooden fishing pier.The beautiful Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park is home to one of the largest historical adobe structures in California.Dave has a scientist/engineer mind when it comes to cars (or maybe doctor's?) and is happy to explain all the details of how they work (or what's not working and why), if the customer wants to know.

Each repeater is programmed with the following Time Slots and Talkgroups: Time Slot #2 - Group Call 1 = DMR-MARC World Wide Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3 = DMR-MARC N. There are hundreds of major bike rides sponsored by various foundations throughout the US where the top goal is fund-raising, often through a system of pledges for participating bicyclists.Here are short descriptions and links to the major events.In 2011, more than 55,000 cyclists participated in the rides, raising more than million. Dates: The rides for 2017 are listed by state at the website.

These are just a few: Connecticut Tour de Cure — Five route options of 7 to 100 miles leaves from the Durham Fairgrounds.

There are plenty of enjoyable activities available at Helen Putnam Park in Petaluma, California.