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[T]he tide that rose in the unconscious after the first World War was reflected in individual dreams, in the form of collective mythological symbols which expressed primitivity, violence, cruelty: in short, all the powers of darkness.

When such symbols occur in a large number of individuals and are not understood, they begin to draw these individuals together as if by magnetic force, and thus a mob is formed.

You grabbed the picture of you two giving each other a kiss off of your desk.

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Simply print them out, add a stamp, and send them via snail mail whether it be for long distance purposes or just a fun way to spice up the romance! If your loved one lives far away and you are mailing your gift, you won't want to miss this EASY way to dress up your package! We've been cooped up all winter long and we are busting at the seams to get out! You were completely numb, and you knew you would hear the news one day. You felt your heart clench as you went through your drawers, pulling out any article of clothing that was his.