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“It’s something that would go against my spiritual belief.

I couldn’t and I wouldn’t give way on those particular issues.” Asked if he would walk from the party should it lift the veto, he said, “It is something I would be giving very deep, serious consideration to.” In October 2013 Tom Buchanan was reported to the Assembly Commission after he described same-sex marriage as “an abomination” during a political discussion event for local secondary school children.

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But Tom Buchanan was unequivocal on the issue this week, stating that if the DUP leadership moved to lift its effective veto, he would give deep consideration to his future in the party.

“There are issues where there has to be compromise, but on an issue like that, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no compromise,” he said.

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Tat Tang, who owns Red Pepper restaurant on Central Drive, said: “Nobody is safe from these women, they will proposition anybody.“A lot of our customers come in saying they have popped over the road to get cash from the cash machine and been offered sex.“It makes people very nervous and is not good for local businesses.

The United Nations has declared the prostitution of children to be illegal under international law, and various campaigns and organizations have been created to protest its existence.

"Most of the victimized children who face prostitution are vulnerable children who are exploited.

I do this because I’m not going into a parlour and giving them half my money.”Far from being shunned by the local community, she says some hoteliers in the area support her.

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She added: “A spade is a spade and if people don’t want to speak to me they don’t have to.“Nobody is on the streets to feed their kids or their mother – they are here because they want to feed their habit.“A few of the hoteliers are friends and if they see me they will come out and give me a can when I need one.“People are going in their hotels because we are here.

A majority of MLAs endorsed the introduction of marriage for same-sex couples in November 2015, but the motion was blocked after the DUP resorted to the petition of concern mechanism, which requires a majority in both unionist and nationalist designations.