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The the final tribal council, Jeff and Kim both pleaded their case to the jury that they helped create, and when the votes came in, Jeff was crowned the winner of Survivor: Couples after recieving five of the seven jury votes.For another fun virtual game see Survivor: Winners vs. But I thought maybe they could have put a little of the hurt on Jonathan, too.Candice: To be honest, it would have probably been better to wait until the merge, but I could have never known that ,when I went over to Raro, we were going to lose every immunity challenge and every reward challenge.

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As a result, the tribe had to revote, with Erik and Jenna immune., Kim won her first individual immunity, and chose to vote out Jennifer, taking Jeff with her to the final two.

They then had to pick a castaway from the opposing tribe to become a part of their new tribe, after which the person they chose would have to pick.

The tribal selection occured as follows: Ethan chose Spencer, Todd chose Ryan, Spencer chose Erik, Ryan chose Jennifer, Erik chose Jeff, Jennifer chose Mary, Jeff chose Adam, Mary chose Kim, Adam chose Parvati, Kim chose Jenna, Parvati chose Candice, and Jaime, by default joined the new Korror tribe.

Losers where winners of survivor face off against people who were voted off first, or Survivor: Favorites, where the favorite male and female from each season compete once again, and Survivor Egypt: Second Chance, where survivors from seasons past who had their game cut short by a twist or medical emergency get a chance to play the game once again.

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Adam Gentry is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands.

If you actually watch the episode, I kind of turn around and look them straight in the eye like, "Let's go," but she didn't, and I'm like, "Oh crap! He was with me from day one; he did turn his back on me, but I did the same thing to Aitu.

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