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Nor did it matter that the photos for which he was convicted never went beyond his computer.

Rinehart had no prior criminal history, and there was no evidence he had ever possessed or searched for child pornography on his computer.

He swiped his security card and passed through several doors.

Then he walked through long corridors before stepping inside the forensic computer lab. It had two simple words scrawled across it in black. "God, please get me through this," the FBI agent prayed silently.

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The study, published in Psychological Science, found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in movies, the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual, unprotected sex.

It’s a basic premise of marketing that what we watch, read and direct our attention toward influences our behavior. That’s why we see products and services that have nothing to do with sex being marketed in increasingly sexualized ways.

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