Ps3 crashed while updating

29-Dec-2017 21:02

ps3 crashed while updating-71

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Continue to hold the power button and after about 5 seconds, you will hear a second beep for video reset.Continue to hold the power button and after about another 5 seconds you will hear a quick double beep. if you succeeded in activating the safe mode, you will see a message on the screen saying 'connect the controller using a USB cable and then press the PS button.' Step 4 - Perform the safe mode options in the following order until one of the options works for you. and then when I turn it off, it won't unless I force shut it down (hold down the power button for 10 sec) how long have you had your ps3 and which one is it?Is there any that you would recommend, such as am an electronic technician but my work is on industrial electronics and have not worked on PS3s.If your PS3 is still functioning, then installing firmware update 4.46 should work as normal.However, if 4.45 bricked your machine then the process of getting it working again is a little more involved.So I tried starting it in safe mode, but still would begin with the update and freeze at 99%.So I did a bit of research and decided to try and reformat the HDD myself.

Downloaded Swissnife and formated it to FAT32 and put it back into the PS3. I have also tried installing both 3.10 and 3.15 updates via DVD but they too freeze at 99%.I switched it off and every time I turned it back on it would start the system update installation and freeze at 99%.