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And secondly, the best way you convince people you're Shawn Spencer was drilled from childhood by his father, a police officer, to have a strict attention to detail and other detective skills.

As a result, Shawn effectively possesses a Photographic Memory and the ability to observe and put together clues too subtle for the average person to pick up.

But the basic pieces are still there and, dare I say, with some stakes raised. Because, unless there’s a plan for a wedding season finale, we need something else to look forward to. The two trump cards: being outed as being not-psychic and becoming the prime suspect of a major case.

I don’t want to speculate about what’s planned for the rest of the season (since, last time I did, I predicted another “yips” story arc that amounted to nothing) but has two trump cards sitting in its extra-pocketed sleeves ready to play for instant game-changers and we get a sneak peek at both of them in this episode. Obviously, there have been threats and close-calls for both of these throughout the series but never as dramatic and obvious as here. Shawn and Gus never have a safe police procedure so that they don’t leave evidence behind or drastically change the crime scene.

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"Reason: Don't lie, we all thought that this was an actual ghost episode. "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"Reason: When this season finale premiered in 2007, I was still a preteen and this was so horrifying. Also, Jules dancing was a gift to humanity - she is an absolute goddess. "Lights, Camera, Homicidio"Reason: Shawn stumbling his way beautifully through a Spanish soap opera with the character having little to no Spanish language knowledge is impressive. "Reason: We get to see Henry working together with Shawn as best as they can. If you share any official information about this case with your father, or let him anywhere near any new evidence, then the two of you will have to find another police department to work for, and I will personally see to it that each of you is charged with obstruction of justice. Also, Jason plays part of the episode as a super frightening doll-carrying goof - creepy... Gus and Mary help to balance the tension out with shots of humor with Gus trying to lighten the mood and Mary simply being his wonderfully strange self. Yang really did have a Yin because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten the equality stressful Yin/Yang episodes later on. And the future Merle Dixon appears as one of the bad guys in this episode - doing bad things even before the apocalypse. "The Devil’s in the Details (And the Upstairs Bedroom)"Reason: Once again, we are absolutely convinced that there is legitimate supernatural happenings at work. Yin Presents"Reason: Creepy Yin/Yang Part 2: Alfred Hitchock Edition. Gus Don't Be: the scream from Holding Back the Years Gus Nickname: Lodge Blackman 3. "Juliet Wears the Pantsuit"Reason: Creepy Jules Doppelgänger.In order to avoid jail time and continue his lucrative-but-lazy crimebusting, Shawn tells the police he's a psychic.