Rudall carte flute dating

30-Jul-2017 06:19

You can have a look at some extracts from my book "The Irish Flute Player's Handbook" and find out how to get hold of a copy here My approach to flute making has been largely informed by my own experiences in the workshop, and in the marketplace.Initially my idea was simply to produce a workable flute, given the scarcity of suitable old instruments, and to provide a service for players who needed to have their instruments maintained.You can skip this and go directly to the catalogue by clicking on the image above.Those dipping in for a quick visit can cut to the chase and see the prices and waiting list here.So like many other makers, and influenced no doubt by the logic of the time which insisted that the best instruments for Irish traditional music were English, 19th century, large holed flutes, began to make flutes which were as close to that ideal as possible.At that stage I had progressed, in my own playing, through an anonymous German flute, a good English flute ( Jordan Wainwright), to eventually getting my hands on a Rudall, Rose & Carte flute dating from the 1860s, and this last was to be the model for all my early instruments.Fancy solid silver keys, each stamped with a "crown", solid boxwood with no cracks at all, four good bone rings and tuneable bone head caps.

barrel 24.3 cm - embouchure 1 cm Clementi & Co: London - England around 1800A good original one keyed bone mounted stained boxwood flute stamped by the maker on the head joint: Clementi & Co., London.

The fact that throughout my development as a flute maker, I was also a practising flute player and more importantly, flute teacher, I see as probably the most important influence on the way my flutes developed.

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