Squier telecaster dating dee is dating a retarded person video

25-Jul-2017 02:38

How to date and identify your Fender instruments using serial numbers and production date stamps.

This was a period when Made in Japan Squiers had stopped and then they moved Squiers to Mexico, but there was a fire in the Mexican factory which disrupted things for a few months in which Fender USA made the Squiers.

I believe that by reading various Telecaster resources, the "421882" numbers are from backwards first: 2=Tuesday, 8=1978, 18=18th Week, not sure about the first "42" numbers. But, the four digits "1882" together do indicate" 18th Week, 8= 1978 year, 2-Tuesday!!! Apparently, after 1977 Fender used head stock decals for each Telecaster Serial Numbers, but still stamped the actual production date on the Neck Butt.

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