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31-Aug-2017 18:20

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And because of this, sometimes people (myself included) find it hard to measure my value without the traditional milestones of a life lived or a collection of identifiable Cliffs Notes at the ready. People seemingly want to know more about me, because I haven’t played by conventional social rules. That was cute when I was the precocious youngest woman in the room. But my point is that I am usually the oldest in the room these days. I simply don’t have as much in common with friends my age who got married and had kids. I am very proud of my career and all that I’ve accomplished.

Now, of course, not all clothes and not all trends are appropriate for everyone.

In addition to her hosting duties and endorsements, London and business partner Cindy Mc Laughlin co-founded Style for Hire—an online service that matches people with personal stylists that live in their area.

Westfield's Style Lounges are staffed by professional stylists from Style for Hire who provide free on-demand fashion consultations.

I spent years and years telling everybody yes to this, no to that.

But when I started to ask myself if a dress was too short or showed too much skin or the eyeshadow I wanted was a little allowed in Kansas. Not sure where I was going with this metaphor.) I’ve been dying to wear that Love Shack Fancy pink cotton tiered halter minidress that I got at the sample sale.

Her extensively successful career consists of the works in many famous fashion publications and styling for the celebrities like Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler.

She has also collaborated with the designers like Rebecca Taylor, Ghost, and Vivienne Tam.

Stacy London started to have an awful back pain in the mid of the year 2016.

But every time I put it on I laugh, proof positive that my brain has -Harley Quinn-looking pouf skirt.

(I know, she wears underwear most of the movie, but you get my point.) For me, that dress simply reinforces that I may not act my age, but I can’t avoid aging.

However underneath her tough persona, she has revealed she is as self-conscious and anxious as the 'real' women she styles on television, after spending years battling eating disorders and the melancholy attached.

The 43-year-old old, standing five-foot-seven-inches, recounts in her new book The Truth about Style how she overcame both anorexia and compulsive overeating, but still battles with worrying about her weight.

I can make choices that allow me connections with people younger than myself, but I am no longer young.