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"Reports of erythristic leopards are exceptionally rare," writes the team from Ingwe Leopard Research and the University of Reading in a recent study of the mutation."To our knowledge, no other records of wild erythristic leopards were documented until 2012, when a male was photographed by a guide at the Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West province of South Africa." We are currently assisting in a genetic study which will hopefully answer the hereditary question, but what we can say is that [producing strawberry-hued offspring] requires two leopards that carry the recessive gene." It's thought the mutation causes either an overproduction of red pigments or an underproduction of dark pigments in the animals that possess it, and though it's rare in top carnivores, it has also been seen in coyotes, raccoons and badgers.The Nordic Sports Center, located across from the covered bridge in the Strawberry Park building and next to chair 12 the Strawberry Park express lift.Offering a complete rental shop with Classical, Skate, Telemark and Snowshoe equipment rentals.

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Some coast redwoods living today were alive during the time of the Roman Empire.

Mc Coy Park which is accessed via The Strawberry Park Lift - Chair 12, is considered to be one of Beaver Creeks best kept secrets and features 32-plus kilometers of groomed and rustic trails for Cross Country skiing and Snowshoeing.