Updating firmware linksys router

02-Jan-2018 02:14

Cisco, the manufacturer of Linksys routers, provides periodic firmware updates for all products covered under the terms of support.Check for updates regularly to ensure optimum functionality of a Linksys router and avoid certain bugs, intermittent wireless connections or other issues related to network connections.If it's not, then read on to learn how to download the firmware you need.Note: Some router models vulnerable to The Moon are no longer supported by Linksys and haven't been issued any firmware updates.Enter the username and password found on your printed instructions sheet or the bottom of your router and click Login.

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In the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, you should see the words "Firmware Version" and then several numbers. If that's the number you see, then skip to step 12.

Linksys engineers, meanwhile, should feel justifiably proud of their accomplishments so soon after being released from the chains of developing products that Cisco had inexorably wrapped around his old division.

Under new management at Belkin, Linksys seeks to recover its "Mojo" as a manufacturer of high-level consumers and small businesses alike-enthusiastic network.

Keeping your home router updated is a crucial part of staying secure.

Shellshock affected a number of routers, and we’ve also seen routers hacked and turned into botnets. You should ensure your router is getting security updates, too.Linksys says it will soon release firmware updates for all affected products, including models no longer sold.