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All 10 mouthpieces play great for me but they all have slightly different characteristics to their sound.

I could play any of them and be happy I think (well maybe not the Yamaha 4C……..).

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social network sites, self-disclosure, privacy settings, adults, adolescents doi: 10.5817/CP2012-1-3 The evolution of social media into a mainstream phenomenon constitutes one of the most important evolutions in the short history of the Internet thus far.

Michel Walrave is a professor at the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Antwerp. Since the nineties he conducts research that centers around one central theme: . 4W : weten wat werkt en waarom : wetenschappelijk tijdschrift over opbrengsten en werking van ict in het onderwijs, 6-13.

His research concentrates on individuals’ self-disclosure and privacy in interpersonal online communication, particularly on social network sites. Moreover, how intimate, and sometimes sensitive, disclosures (e.g. Jongeren en reclame in sociaalnetwerkgames: de invloed van ouders en school op reclamewijsheid en gedragsintenties.

I’m doing this as a blind poll because I think when people see a name before they listen they go into it with a pre-conceived idea of what they will like before they even listen.

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The mouthpieces heard here are: Theo Wanne Gaia HR 8 Theo Wanne Gaia HR 6 Greg Weir HR .080 LAW metal .080 Aizen .076 Mouthpiece Cafe NYC Resin 6 Phil-Tone Meyer 6 Drake Ceramic Jazz .080 Vandoren V16 Medium refaced to a long 23mm facing by Brian Powell and just for kicks a Yamaha 4C.

Together with his colleagues, he investigates individuals’ motives of online self-disclosure, but also related opportunities (e.g. sexting) and their consequences can be understood, is one of the topics of his research. Tijdschrift voor communicatiewetenschap, 43(4), 392-415. Van Ouytsel, J., Meeus, W., Walrave, M., & Driesen, A. Kinderen en jongeren kritisch leren omgaan met reclame : het aanbod en de kwaliteit van reclameopvoedingspakketten. Cyber Dating Abuse Victimization Among Secondary School Students From a Lifestyle-Routine Activities Theory Perspective. 1-10 Van Ouytsel, J., Van Gool, E., Walrave, M., Ponnet, K., & Peeters, E. Exploring the role of social networking sites within adolescent romantic relationships and dating experiences. Heirman, W., Walrave, M., Vandebosch, H., Wegge, D., Eggermont, S., Pabian, S. Cyberbullying research in Belgium : an overview of generated insights and a critical assessment of the mediation of technology in a web 2.0 world. (edit.), Berlin: Springer (boekhoofdstuk, meer info bij de auteurs).

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