What to expect when dating a cancer male

04-Aug-2017 08:10

That man at your office who offers hugs when you're feeling down is probably a Cancer...(as a side note, this can be construed as flirting, often where it isn't intended) If you're able to pick up on other peoples emotions this is a wonderful, caring and warm sign, and everything you've read about them being nurturing and supportive is true.He naturally attracts those who want to mother him and is at home among the ladies.Cancer men are sensitive water signs, but they're also strong, and often very masculine.so their empathy, sensitivities, and “sixth sense” can be very strong.The Moon waxes and wanes, and is the fastest moving, most changeable heavenly body in all of astrology.

If you aren't sensitive enough, or can't be bothered to nurture him at appropriate times, then your perfect Cancer lover may become increasingly distant and argumentative as your tally of neglect grows.Well, don’t fret because I’m here to tell you ALL about Cancer men.