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She is a different person to her friends, a different person to her family and a different person to her teachers.

Naomi Clark, a student of West Beverly Hills High, is a privileged, ambitious girl who although comes across as a snobby air head, is really sensitive at heart.

It would obviously be impossible to cover every theme of MK (it's all basically dehumanization/depersonalization) in their thousands of photoshoots of suggestible young girls wanting to be transformed into a dirty old man's kitten (essentially a gilded sex-slave), many of them (though of course not all) are abused and programmed slaves (we can never know what actual extent this is; I personally expect it is far more than people think).

So for this post I'm just going to focus on a few specific things I've noticed in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion (and related themes in Disney/the media and such), two of this generation's most famous Playboy kittens (Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt) because their film 'The Telling' was just that, very telling.

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The medical-mystery series resumes its 11th season — its next-to-last one — with the new episode "The Death in the Defense," which catches up with Hodgins (TJ Thyne) as he continues to deal with his new physical condition. on LIFE Project Runway All Stars For a new episode called "Rebel With a Cause," fashion designer Zac Posen — a regular on the "Project Runway" judging panel — and actress Debi Mazar (TV Land's "Younger") join the judges to critique sophisticated summer looks that are chic yet also have an edge. on CBS The Odd Couple With Felix (Thomas Lennon) gone for the weekend — thanks to his big plans with Emily (Lindsay Sloane) — Oscar (Matthew Perry) takes the occasion to throw a big party in the new episode "Unger the Influence." Murphy (Geoff Stults) assists in the preparations, but the result isn't exactly what was intended. ") in the new episode "The Magnificent Eight." The story lands the Legends in the Old West, where their run-in with outlaws means trouble for an entire town … on NBC The Blacklist Red (James Spader) appears to be the only hope for the task force in the new episode "Mr.Hugh Hefner is depicted as "Puck" from Rosicrucian (the cult of Rosicrucianism is heavily involved in mind control; evidenced by their potential programming of Sirhan Sirhan [though of course the majority of AMORC members are not slaves/involved in MK, their cult, as many "religions" do involve trance-inducing methods which would have made Sirhan Sirhan more pliable to his programming, whoever ultimately did it]) Francis Bacon's A Midsummer Night's Dream, which the 'party' is named after.