Wpf textbox text binding not updating

01-Dec-2017 06:50

User controls are a great way couple logic and XAML in an encapsulated way. A user control contrasts with a custom control in that a custom control contains no XAML. And though it says you may safely continue, it doesn’t continue safely at all. It means the binding target isn’t a dependency property!

You can reuse a user control over and over and the logic is isolated from the general flow of your program. Custom control can be (and is sometimes are required to be) templated (for example, a Data Template). This is confusing to XAML developers because they are accustomed to binding to CLR properties that implement INotify Property Changed in their view models. A data binding source source CAN be a CLR-type property.

He asked if it is possible to control how frequently a binding target is updated.

Suppose that you have a data source where a property’s value changes very rapidly, perhaps several dozen times per second.

The Text Boxes were bound to the View Model’s Text Box Text property and the Combo Boxes to the Combo Box Selected Item property. By assigned a NOP (no operation) lambda, I don’t have to check whether any listeners are registered for the event.

I can simply fire the event and worse case scenario, I execute an empty function body rather than throwing a Null Reference Exception. With the INotify Propety Changed in place, changing one Text Box will cause its twin to display the same value and same for the two Combo Boxes.

On cancel, I wanted to disregard the Combo Box change and revert back to the previously selected entity.) So based on business rules, we’ve ignored a change to the view model.

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NET Developer Group a few days ago, someone in the audience asked a question about the data binding system which piqued my interest.

Seriously :-) And now the tooltip looks ok: My original problem was binding a Tool Tip.

Content to validation errors and I really needed a way to do that.

To use the value converter, reference the namespace of the assembly that contains the converter and add an instance of it to the resources of your window.

Now add the converter to your problematic data binding.

When it breaks, it can be frustrating to figure out what went wrong.

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