Yakuza 4 hostess dating guide

04-Oct-2017 03:47

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After she becomes number one, the player can choose a final outfit for her and she will appear at the cabaret.

A similar challenge in the Japanese version of Yakuza 3 was cut from overseas versions. is to train fighters to win tournaments after 50 rounds or less of training (building up movesets).

Take note that substories will be temporarily unavailable during certain parts of the Story, and you will need to progress the storyline further to regain access.

3 Difficulties are available to you from the beginning: Easy, Normal and Hard.

Indomitable can only be unlocked on Normal difficulty so either way you will still need to play the game on Normal at some point.

It is not necessary to complete Substories should you come across them in the story, but the rewards and experience gained can make the story-related parts much easier. The Ultimate Skill trials are unlocked upon completing the game once. This time around, there are no ranks introduced for each trial, you only need to complete all of them to unlock Heir to the Ultimate and the War God Talisman which gives you infinite Heat Gauge all the time.

This time, start Premium Adventure from the main menu and load the latest Clear Save you made, you should get an email from Bob from Naomi's Palace asking you to see him to get the Talisman.

To enable the War God Talisman, load up your Clear Save or Premium Adventure save (if you already started Prem Adv.), speak to Date at New Serena, and create another Clear Save.

Scroll to the substory you wish to know your progress for.