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The Parisi were a British Celtic tribe located somewhere within the present-day East Riding of Yorkshire, in England, known from a single brief reference by Ptolemy in his Geographica of about AD 150.

Many writers have connected them with the archaeological Arras culture and some with the more securely-known Parisii of Gaul.

But people who use them say they help keep their clothes splotch-free.

" A HALF-million people a week regularly bike to work, according to the Census Bureau.

Fenders over the wheels of a bicycle can protect a commuter from the spray of puddles and grime.

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Koch and Raimund Karl propose a Celtic linguistic origin, meaning "the commanders", similar to the Welsh verb peri (to cause, command or have done, from Proto-Celtic *k Xavier Delamarre prefers to link the ethnic name to the P-Celtic root *pario- "cauldron" and translates Parisi as "They of the Cauldrons" (taking their name after a distinctive type of vessel used by the Iron Age Celts).

A more recent interpretation (2005) places both the Parisi and Petuaria on the Opportunum Sinus which leads to the common interpretation of Opportunum Sinus to be impossible geographically - an alternative feature - the inlet near Brough to Walling Fen has been suggested.

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